Urban Decay Naked Palette tutorial

Hi guys! Welcome back! We’re back with another blog post, slightly later than anticipated, but we’ve kept our UD Naked promise. Between us we have the Urban Decay Naked 2, 3 & Smoky palettes so we decided to try out a one-palette look for you.
Can we just take this moment to put out a disclaimer: we have been friends for a longggg time, with periods of almost literally living in each other’s pockets – so when we read each other’s half of this post, we realised how similar we can be sometimes!

amy talks…
I decided to go with the Naked Smoky palette, as it’s my newest and I haven’t had as much use out of it as my Naked 2 palette. I wanted to play with it!
Unlike Hannah, I hadn’t really thought about what look I was going to create. Definitely not as organised! I knew I wanted it to be smoky, in keeping with the theme of the palette.


I started off by prepping my eyelids with Mac Paint Pot in Painterly, applying with my ring finger. It’s a pale nude shade, so it doubles up as both a primer for the shadow to cling to, and cancels out any natural pigmentation on my eyelid so I can start with a blank canvas.
I applied Dagger around the crease area using the Crown Pencil Brush without precision, as I prefer a smoky eye to look a bit “undone”. I blended as I went along with the Crown Blending Brush. I find the Crown brushes uncomfortable to use, but they do give good results. Beauty is pain! I also packed High on the lid, but unfortunately it didn’t show up on camera.


Then I just kept adding and blending more Dagger as before. I also added Black Market in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner, being a bit more careful not to blend this as much. I wanted a darker shade to give a the illusion of a deeper set eye, and to give it more of a transition into smokiness.


This was the point I realised that the lid colour wasn’t showing up on camera so I changed it up a bit and went dark all over. I packed more Dagger on to the lid with a flat brush (it’s so worn I don’t know which make it is) which, teamed with the High underneath, had a nice iridescence to it. I added a little bit of Smoulder to the very centre for a bit of dimension, and then I deepened the Black Market on the outer “V”.
Then I put some liner along the upper lash line with an understated wing using Avon SuperShock liner in Black which is a lovely creamy kohl liner with lots of staying power. Perfect for my watery eyes.


Then came my favourite part of any makeup look. The finishing touches that bring it all together.
I applied my favourite Seventeen mascara in Va Va Voom, and lashes using the ever-faithful Ardell Wispies and Duo Lash Glue combo that Hannah and I are equally as reliant on! I really need to be bit more adventurous with lashes.
I then took a clean Zoeva Blending Brush that Hannah actually bought me for my birthday last year (thanks Hannah!). I used to it soften everything out and give it one last blend, and then dipped it into Password to run over the very edge of the colour to create a smoother transition between the dark shadows and my pale skin. I also smudged some more Dagger under the lower lashline to bring the look together, and applied some of the liner to my bottom waterline.
I finished by using Thirteen as a highlight along my brow bone and on my tear duct area. This is actually a lovely highlight and I can’t wait to use it again!



hannah talks…
I decided to go with the Naked 3 palette as I love the rose gold tones and used it recently to create a lovely romantic yet striking look for a wedding.


I started off as I always do by applying Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (like Amy, I swear we didn’t know!) all over the lid right up to the brow. This helps to create a blank canvas to work on by neutralising any discolouration on the eyelid as well as giving the shadows something to stick to. I then swept Strange all over the lid. This didn’t add any colour but I find that setting a cream base with a neutral shadow makes blending a lot easier later on.


For my transition shade I used Nooner. Using a Mac 217 I buffed it into the crease and blended upwards. Once I had applied the colour and was happy with the intensity, I continued to blend it with a clean brush to ensure that there were no harsh lines. Next I used a damp flat brush to press Dust all over the mobile eyelid and to the tear duct area to brighten my eyes. Using a wet brush meant that the pigment was stronger and there was less fall down, however I would still recommend doing your eyes before completing your base as it is inevitable that there will be some fall out with these shadows.


At this stage I added liner which I think is when the look comes together. I used the Rimmel ScandalEyes kohl pencil in Black to line my upper and lower waterline and then H&M Dipliner to line and create a small flick. I love this liner as it is easy to apply, doesn’t drag on the skin like gel and isn’t overly shiny like a lot of liquid liners. The last shadow I used was Blackheart. I applied this to the outer “V” and blended it in using the same Mac 217 that I used for my transition shade. I also applied Blackheart to the outer half of the bottom lash line and blended it in using the Crown C431 Precision Pencil Brush.


Once I had applied mascara (I used Max Factor’s False Lash Effect) to the top and bottom, I put on the 201 lashes from Naturalash which I applied using Duo lash glue. They are slightly more dramatic than the ones I usually wear, but Amy stole them for her look! Turns out, I really liked how they looked, they added just the right amount of drama.
Lastly, as I had applied my eye makeup first, I cleaned up under the eye using micellar water and a cotton bud.



Thanks for reading! Please let us know if you liked this style of tutorial and if you’d like to see any more. Also, if you recreate any of these looks, or even create your own UD Naked look, please leave us a comment to let us see! Our next blog post will be up here shortly – this time it’s all about skincare!

a&h x


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