NYX Haul & Review

As we’re both major YouTube beauty geeks, we’d known about the NYX brand for some time, although hadn’t really gotten into it as it’s all online (and we all know how much of a pain buying online can be at times, shades of foundations / concealers etc…) so IMAGINE our excitement when we found out NYX was launching a counter in Boots on our home turf in Glasgow!! We rushed out asap and literally had to push through the crowd to get see and try out the products. I reckon we’ll be back time and time again to build our collections, but for now, here is a little haul and review of what we have so far!

hannah talks…

I’d been looking for a good spf free foundation for a long time as I kept noticing the dreaded ghost face in pictures of myself on nights out, so when I saw the  NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation, I knew I wanted it straight away. It’s very affordable at only £6 so it wouldn’t have been a big deal if I hadn’t liked it, but luckily I really did! My skin is fairly oily so I always go for foundations that are marketed as matte or oil free, but I sometimes find that they look a bit dull as a result. This one is the total opposite. As the name suggests it’s matte but it leaves the skin with a lovely glow that doesn’t look at all greasy. It photographs beautifully, arguably better than it looks in real life and it lasts all night without the need for lots of powder. I’m going on holiday soon and I’ll definitely be taking this foundation with me as it will be perfect for the hot summer nights.

Being a dark skinned girl, I find it really hard to find high street bronzers that are dark enough for me. My favourite bronzer is Casino by NARS but I prefer not to wear that every day because it is on the pricier side. I was so chuffed when I found NYX matte bronzer because it is very affordable and comes in some pretty dark shades. It’s completely matte which I like in a bronzer (I prefer to add in a bit of shimmer where I want it with a highlighter) and it blends out to leave a natural looking sunkissed glow. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s quite warm in tone so I definitely wouldn’t be able to double it up as a contour, but I don’t really contour on a daily basis anyway so for an everyday bronzer I love it and would definitely re-purchase.

I’d heard so much about the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk – it’s a firm favourite of beauty bloggers and make-up artists – so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I wasn’t disappointed! It is so versatile! It’s a white creamy pencil that acts as an eyeshadow base, an eyeliner and a highlighter. I sometimes apply it all over my eyelids and then apply my eyeshadow on top. Used like this, the pencil not only acts as an eyeshadow primer, it also creates a blank canvas for my eyeshadow which really makes the colour pop. It can also be used on the water line to really open up the eyes or blended out under the brows as a browbone highlight. My personal favourite way to use it is as an inner corner highlight. I simply apply it to the inner tear duct area, blend it out slightly and then apply a highlighter on top of it and it really adds something to my make-up. I definitely think this is worth the hype and at only £5 it won’t break the bank either!


amy talks…
matte lip
The Soft Matte Lip Cremes  were the things I was most excited to try. When I looked online, I first thought I would like Stockholm, but as the counter was sooo busy the day I went to look, I couldn’t get in to test it and the bottle looked really dark so I went with Istanbul instead. I do like it, but it’s bit pinky for me to wear all of the time, so I went back and bought Stockholm and I love it! I actually really like the two mixed together as a bit of a gradient. I really like the formula of these lip cremes. They feel velvety and don’t dry out the lips. They apply smoothly and are easy to correct. They are also blendable. I find for during the day, I apply it to my lips and then use my ring finger to blend it out for a more subtle look. I would like to try the Lingerie too!

lip liner
WARNING: This is a game changer.
I don’t own many lip liners, but in comparison to what I’ve tried past and present, this wins by a mile. The name is a bit (but rightly so) obnoxious – Slide On, Glide On, Stay On and Definitely a Turn On Waterproof, Extreme Colour Lip Liner. It does pretty much all of the above. It slides and glides like a dream, it’s so pigmented and creamy. All of the fine lines in the lips disappear as this goes on. I don’t know so much about it staying on. I’ve eaten and drank with it on and had to re-apply, but to be fair that is kind of expected, it does stay on for a good while though. The colour I have is Nude Suede Shoes 004. I can’t wait to buy more of these. Go buy some. The end.

I picked this up not knowing anything about it. I’ve never heard anyone mention it Wonder Pencil but it was only £4 so I thought why not. I’m not a huge fan of white in my lower waterline, I feel it’s a bit too extreme for me, so I have been meaning to get a flesh coloured pencil for some time. It can apparently be used as an eye liner, a reverse lip liner to sharpen up, or a concealer. I’ve tried it all 3 ways, and I have to say I like it. I really like it on the eyes. On the lips it really does tidy up the lipstick and is handy for highlighting around the lips if you’re overdrawing, although it does need buffed out a bit, which is fine. As a concealer though….nah. I wouldn’t rate it. It’s a bit too stiff to drag under the eyes and I don’t know if it’s as good a coverage as I would like my concealer to be.

I’d also like to add a wee bit of my own about the Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation Hannah mentioned… it’s too good to bypass! Again, I hadn’t really heard anything about it, I haven’t actually heard much about NYX foundations full stop. I picked this up on a whim and I totally love it. It’s so blendable; day to day I wear the tiniest amount and it covers my whole face. For occasions or night time you can build up to a fuller coverage. I’m a medium to light coverage girl, but if you wanted to you could build this right up. I set it with Mac Studio Fix powder and it lasts all day. I’ve even given it the Wedding Guest test. It passed.

Lastly, I’ve got to mention HD Studio Finishing Powder. I’d been using this for days and loved the finish. It’s silky and smooth, and sets foundation beautifully without any shine coming through. Whilst doing my make up for a wedding (where there would of course be flash photography), something was telling me to check this out, so I did. As you will see, it was all over my face. In daylight and in photos without flash, it looked invisible. I would not recommend this product if you are going anywhere that requires your picture to be taken. I now wear it to work on the odd day, but am kind of put off it. I have since read other reviews with the same issue. Not a great product, especially since it has the phrase “Photogénique” on the front of it!

So for now, that’s our NYX collection! Is there anything you’d recommend from the brand? Is there a product you’d like to try?
Give us a comment and let us know if you buy anything featured here, we’d love to hear what you think!
a&h x

*There has also been another exciting opening in Glasgow… KIKO Milano have launched a store! As mentioned in a Favourites post before, KIKO is a fave of Hannah and if you’d like to see a haul / review of their products, please let us know (we might have already been in a couple of times)!!*



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