We threw a Baby Shower!

This weekend, we were celebrating the upcoming arrival of our newest best friend, Baby Q.
Our friend Sarah is now 8 months pregnant (and looking amazing), and so this weekend we threw her a baby shower. Baby showers are a fairly new trend in the UK, coming over from America, so this is the first one we had thrown, and many of the guests’ first time attending one. We hired a lovely wee hall in Glasgow’s South Side called The Hidden Gardens, which we already know Sarah loves.

We wanted it to be bright and colourful, with mostly pink (it’s a girl!) and lots of little personal touches, taking lots of inspiration from Pintrest. We DIY’d where we could, with a lot of help from a good friend and a very talented girl called Tania who made the little props, bunting and tags on the popcorn favours (we’re trying to convince her to set up shop, watch this space…)

We wanted to share with you a few pics from the day…




a&h x


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