My LVL lash experience

Hi guys, Amy here!

Last week, I finally had my first treatment of LVL lashes. I say finally because I have had my eye on this (excuse the pun) for about 3 years now! I read a column of Michelle Keegan’s in a magazine once and she mentioned how addicted she is to having them done. Her lashes always look amazing, especially in her no make up selfies! I thought, I have to try this!

Just to give you an idea of what LVL actually is, I asked my specialist to give us a wee bit about it. She said, “LVL Lash Enhance is a treatment created by the world famous brand, Nouveau – which also owns HD Brows, and is currently taking the world by storm! LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift and the treatment is performed on your natural lashes, with no glue or extension in sight! It creates the look of longer, darker eyelashes, by lifting the natural lash from the very root, straightening the lash out, colour boosting and finishing with a gentle conditioning treatment. I don’t think anyone realises just how long and amazing their natural lashes can look but LVL Treatment demonstrates this tremendously!”
I’d been keeping a look out on Instagram for various places around me offering the treatment when I came across Eye Luv by Tara.
Tara’s work is amazing and it was clear to see how popular she is with the amount of pictures and recommendations on her page! I booked in for the required patch test and was in and out in under 5 minutes. A small amount of the products are applied to your upper arm and then covered with a plaster. This should stay on for 24hours to test for any reactions. I was totally fine, so booked in for my appointment.
I was told to wear no eye make up for 24 hours before the treatment which was so daunting – I had to go to work! Mascara is the one thing I cannot (or should I say, could not) go without. However, I did it and I survived! Although I did get the dreaded, “are you feeling ok today?” once or twice.

The treatment takes around 40-60 minutes. You lie on the beauty bed and then the magic happens.I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how watery my eyes can be, of course they didn’t disappoint on the day. We had a tense time wondering if the solution would take due to the amount of tears sitting around the products but sure enough Tara came through. She wasn’t willing to let my problematic teary eyes tarnish her perfect reputation, she really knows her stuff. She took on my watery eyes and she won!

Tara was so chilled throughout the treatment, ensuring I was comfortable and relaxed at all times. In between chatting away about everything and anything, she let me know what she was doing at each stage.

Once the treatment was done, I had a look in the mirror and wow! My lashes were actually visible with no mascara!

Here are a few before pics…

Here are some after pics!…


Head on over to Eye Luv by Tara’s Instagram or Facebook (TJ EyeLuv Lashes) for plenty more stunning before and afters. If you’re looking for a salon near you, you can locate it on the Nouveau Lashes site. There’s also loads more info on there, so if you’re interested why not take a look?

I have to say that it is such a treat to not have to wear mascara every day! If I was going out somewhere for lunch or drinks etc then I probably would put a wee coat on, but for day to day and going to work, I can go as I please!

I’ve been told I can expect the treatment to last around 8 weeks without any maintenance. I will be going back for more in the new year for sure! I definitely recommend this treatment and thank Tara for being such a perfectionist and so welcoming. She is an amazing LVL Lash Specialist and I can see why she has quickly become so sought after!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer them from a client’s perspective and if I can’t, I’ll speak to Tara at Eye Luv on your behalf.

If you want to speak directly with Tara to arrange a patch test, her contact email is or message her on Instagram or Facebook.
Thanks for reading!

Hannah & I will be back together next week with a new post, so stay tuned!

a x





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